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anime would you recommend for a teenage girl?

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anime would you recommend for a teenage girl?

Post by RahimBhai on Sun 19 Dec - 13:21

Vampire Knight: VERY VERY popular with teenage girls!! O_O (such as myself) Trust me, if your a anime fangirl and like romance, drama, dark storyline, and HOT vampires and great character design then you will definetly love it!xD Even ask the billion fans that watch it! x3

Pandora Hearts: Alot a teenage girls watch this anime too. Pandora Hearts is a tragety, drama, mystery, comedy, horror, and sweet romance anime that gives you a Alice in Wonderland feel to it, but its not excactly like Alice in Wonderland (In fact its alot different, its a whole lot darker, theres no talking animals, really nothing like it) but it still is similar. All of my friends and I are IN LOVE with this anime!! Infact Pandora Hearts is my favorite anime right now and I'm really picky when it comes to having a certain anime be my fave!xD ITS AMAZING!!

Ouran High School Host Club: HILARIOUS!!! This anime will have you laughing till your gut hurts!!xD Its one of the best anime shoujo comedy's you can find!! It also has cute romance too and the art is fantastic^-^

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