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When Dawn Breaks

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When Dawn Breaks

Post by STAR on Tue 19 Apr - 4:51

(So I'm writing a novel called When Dawn Breaks and I'm on chapter three. I wanted to play through it in an rpg so I can add more characters. So basically we'll all be writing it and I'll start from the begining so we can all write a novel together. I think it'll be fun.)

It was Friday the 13th and also the begining of the new school year. I wasn't sure where I was going but I knew that it was some kind of boarding school. My mother opened the door to my room and said,
"Saya, get up. You leave in 30 minutes. You're uncle will be here soon to pick you up." She tossed a uniform on the bottom of my bed and shut the doo. I got up and put it on. It looked weird. For a fancy boarding school they should have nicer uniforms.

I walked down the stairs and my mother said,
"It's just a standard freshmen uniform. You'll get a new one when you are assigned a class." Oh, that helped alot. I have to wear this and be judged.

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