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Heart Magic Character Profiles

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Heart Magic Character Profiles

Post by STAR on Fri 20 May - 3:59

So I have an Idea for an RP. It's called Heart Magic. We all have who we are inside weather we show it or not. Well the theme for this RP is your inner self. Thebidea is that we all have a heart witch. Our heart witches hold our spirit powers and embody our true selves. I'm not 100% developed on this but It sounds like fun so here's the form. On the "Witch" section of the form it means you after you transform.

Outer Personality:
Inner Personality:

Witch Name:
Witch Personality:
Witch Appearance:
Signature Attack:
Other Attacks:


Name: Suki Kaguri
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Outer Personality: cool, quiet
Inner Personality: happy, excited, insane
Likes: Dancing, Singing
Dislikes: Performing infront of people, Heights
Dreams: To become a world famouse singer and dancer
Fears: of being laughed at

Witch Name: Luna
Witch Personality: Happy, insane, excited
Witch Appearance:

Wand: A blue and silver wand that looks like amicrophone decorated with symbols that look like
Signature Attack: Lunar Heart Breaker
Other Attacks: Lunar Beam, Lunar Eclipse Rush

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Re: Heart Magic Character Profiles

Post by Mew Cherry on Sat 28 May - 1:40

(lol,it's just like Shugo Chara)
Name: Aya Akimoto
Gender: Female
Outer Personality: Quiet,evil-ish,blunt,bored
Inner Personality: Fangirl,short temper,basically just like inner Sakura
Likes: The color pink,school,a err...particullar boy who you probably already know who I mean (yes people,I mean Edward Elric.)
Dislikes: Stupid people,apples,grapes,homework,people who are messed up in the head,and pink (I hate it on my outer personality,I love it on the inside),
Dreams: To have real friends,to be accepted,to show my true feelings
Fears: Bad grades,insane teachers,and being embarassed.

Witch Name: Hana
Witch Personality: Fangirl,short temper,basically just like inner Sakura
Witch Appearance:
Signature Attack: Hana Shower
Other Attacks: Hana Swirl,Hana Vine
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