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Rules of the Forum

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Rules of the Forum

Post by Fiya on Sat 2 Aug - 21:40

Welcome to Tokyo Mew Mew RPG. We are happy to have you join our community.
There are a few rules we would like for you to abide by, so please try your hardest to follow them. Failure to follow these rules may result in silences and/or bans.

{ • } Respect the other users
There is no need for anyone to feel unwelcome at this website. Welcome every idea with an open mind, and don't force your own on people.

{ • } Keep your language appropriate
Vulgar language encourages vulgar behavior. Inappropriate language includes profanity, 'slurs', and anything that can be deemed as offensive by other users

{ • } No 'God-modding'.
As stated above, welcome every idea with an open mind. A role play is when an uncertain amount of story-tellers come together and combine their stories together. Don't try and make your story more important - each story is equally important.

{ • } No Sexual/NSFW Role-Plays
Most of our users are underage, and we do not approve of our users being exposed to such activity

{ • } Original Characters Only
Though your characters can be inspired by canon characters and can even include their endangered animals, you cannot play as a canon character. We encourage you to create your own

These rules may be edited in the future, so make sure to check back to see if any new rules are added. The announcement page will inform users of any new rules being implemented.

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