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Application Form - Mew Mew

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Application Form - Mew Mew

Post by Fiya on Sat 2 Aug - 22:19

In order to have your character approved by our admin or moderators, you must first fill out this form. It's advised you think about your character carefully, as your character cannot be changed once approved.
Sections marked with an '*' are compulsory.

Make Sure to Post Your Application Form in a Separate Topic Created by Yourself


[b]* Name:[/b] (Your Characters Full Name. It's recommended you use a name that isn't your own)
[b]Nickname:[/b] (Your Characters Nickname)
[b]* Age:[/b] (No older than 18 and no younger than 11)
[b]* Date of Birth:[/b]
[b]* Eye Color:[/b]
[b]* Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Face Claim:[/b] (An already created character from a different series that looks like your original character)

[b]* Job at Cafe Mew Mew:[/b] (Waitress, Chef or Cleaner)
[b]* Classes at School:[/b] (See [available classes])

[b]* Mew Name:[/b] (It's not limited to just being your name - and it doesn't have to be food either)
[b]* Mew Hair Color:[/b]
[b]* Mew Eye Color:[/b]
[b]* Animal:[/b] (Limited to One. Extinct animals are accepted)
[b]* Color:[/b] (Be specific. 'Lilac', not 'Purple')
[b]* Weapon:[/b] (Be creative - it doesn't just have to be a sword. Also, give it a name)
[b]Secondary Weapon:[/b] (Optional. If you do have a secondary weapon, they cannot have a main attack and their power must be significantly less than the main weapon)
[b]* Attack:[/b] (How does your character produce their main attack. It too needs a name)

[b]* Mew Mark:[/b] (What your mew mark looks like - be specific or draw it)
[b]* Mew Mark Location: [/b](Where the mark is located)

[b]* Personality:[/b] (Non-detailed, 1-3 word answers)

Example Post:
Here is an example of how to fill out the form, as filled by Fiya

* Name: Mai Valentina
Nickname: Mai
* Age: 14
* Date of Birth: 13th May
Height: 158cm
Weight: 48kg
* Eye Color: Purple
* Hair Color: Purple
Face Claim: Ririchiyo Shirakiin

* Job at Cafe Mew Mew: Waitress
* Classes at School: Home Economics, Drama, Science

* Mew Name: Mew Harmony
* Mew Hair Color: Lilac
* Mew Eye Color: Lilac
* Animal: Snow Leopard
* Color: Lilac/White
* Weapon: Twin katanas coated with magical energy, one blade with a lilac coloured energy and the other coated with a white coloured energy. The hilt of the blades have leopard spots on them. They're called 'Harmony Blades'
Secondary Weapon: A mini crossbow that sits atop her right wrist. It's projectiles are white bolts. No energy is around her crossbow and the attacks deal minimal damage
* Attack: Mai jumps in the air and she freezes for a moment as the energy coats her body instead of just the blades before diving down towards her enemy, calling out the attack 'Harmony Slicer'. Upon finishing her attack, the blades promptly disappear. If her attack misses, then she needs to muster up enough energy to bring them back

* Mew Mark: Yin and Yang Symbol, with the tinier circles within each half of the symbol being a heart, and the entirety of the symbol being shaped similarly to a leopard print
* Mew Mark Location: On her stomach, to the left of her naval

* Personality: Direct | Solitary | Shy | Caring | Dishonest with Herself

Please remember when creating your character to give them a weakness, especially with the attacks and weapons. Only one type of weapon, and a maximum of two of the type of weapon. Mini weapons are allowed, but their power must be significantly lower than the main weapon, and they cannot have a 'finishing attack'.

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