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How to Play

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How to Play

Post by Fiya on Sun 3 Aug - 12:17

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: This post is still under work, and is not yet complete

Upon receiving approval for your application, your character will be granted a 'Power Pendant' and will begin work at Cafe Mew Mew, as well as begin to fight off the enemies that threaten Earth and Humanity's existence.

Once you receive approval you will be given the following:
- A Power Pendant
- ¥10,000
- A Home in the Residential Area (Which comes with a simple futon and a small table)

A Power Pendant is used in order to transform into a Mew Mew. You cannot fight enemies in your human form.

Yen (¥) is your currency. You can earn Yen by working or, if you take the music class at school, by busking at the park.

Your Home is where you live. You can customize this place how you wish by going to the appropriate shops.

How To Receive Jobs:
Though events are often put up in the 'Updates', regular jobs can be acquired by going to 'Headquarter's within 'Cafe Mew Mew'. Upon arrival, there is a request board where you can accept jobs. There will always be at least three jobs available for players.
Upon receiving a job, you must follow the instructions and go to complete the job.
Jobs can range from defeating enemies, making deliveries or helping out NPCs. Each job gives you a different reward depending on what job you take.

How to Complete Jobs:
Defeating Enemies
Defeating an enemy requires you to go and fight off a threat
The fight sequence is simple.
First, create your own topic and title it what the request form instructs you.
Second, upon receiving a response from a mod, you must 'fight'. Remember that you can only do one attack at a time, and you must give the enemy a chance to respond.
   For example, your character may choose to speak to the enemy first, speak to themselves or make a defense stance - which means the enemy can attack first. Remember to keep to your characters personality. Alternatively, your character may choose to attack head on - which means your character attacks first.
Everything that occurs afterwards is randomized. The probabilities are calculated, and if your character hits the enemy or if your character is hit by an enemy is determined by a random generator. The mods are the only ones that can randomize effects.
An example of a fight sequence can be found [here]
The reward of defeating enemies is experience and a small cash reward (Between ¥1000 and ¥3000, which is randomized)

Delivery Jobs
Delivery Jobs requires you to deliver certain items to NPCs

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