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Fluff-Ball Partners

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Fluff-Ball Partners

Post by Fiya on Sun 3 Aug - 18:12

Welcome to Fluff-Ball Partners, where we provide a large range of fluffy partners for you to purchase.
Just remember to specify which one you want and what color you want it in, and of course give it a name.

Remember you can only have one partner, and changing partners is highly discouraged, so pick carefully.

About Fluff-Ball Partners:
Similar to Masha, these partners are spherical robots, covered in a fluffy texture and then finished off with some animal features.
These partners are courageous and are not afraid to jump into battle, along with being loyal and obedient - though they do have a temper when they feel ignored

Always Available:

- Cat-Like Fluff-Ball
This fluff-ball has pointed ears and a long, skinny tail. Comes in pink, black or white
- Dog-Like Fluff-Ball
This fluff-ball has floppy ears and a short, fluffy tail that is usually wagging. Comes in black, yellow or white
- Mouse-Like Fluff-Ball
This fluff-ball has rounded ears and a long, skinny tail. Comes in grey, white and brown.
- Rabbit-Like Fluff-Ball
This fluff-ball has long, rounded ears and a puffed tail. Comes in white, pink and blonde.
- Hamster-Like Fluff-Ball
This fluff-ball has rounded ears and a short tail. Comes in white, orange or grey.

Each one has wings similar to Masha's.

Limited Edition:
Available until 1st December

- Dragon-Like Fluff-Ball
This fluff-ball has two horns, frilled ears to the side and a long tail decorated with horns. It's wings are mini dragon wings. Comes in red, black, purple or blue.
- Angel-Like Fluff-Ball
This fluff-ball has a halo, rounded ears and a tail similar to Masha's. It's wings are simplistic angel wings. Comes in white, pastel pink or pale yellow
- Devil-Like Fluff-Ball
This fluff-ball has horns, pointed ears and a tail with a point at the end. It's wings are dragon-like. Comes in red, black or green.

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Re: Fluff-Ball Partners

Post by Anko Akashi on Fri 8 Aug - 6:18

Angel-Like Fluff-Ball in pastel pink, please.
Anko Akashi

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