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Anko Akashi

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Anko Akashi

Post by Anko Akashi on Mon 4 Aug - 22:31

* Name: Anko Akashi (餡子 赤司)
Nickname: Annie, Azuki-chan
* Age: 15
* Date of Birth: August 4, 1999
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 49.4 kg
* Eye Color: Violet
* Hair Color: Dark Crimson
Face Claim: Maki Nishikino (Love Live!)

* Job at Cafe Mew Mew: Waitress
* Classes at School: English, Math, Music, Geography, Science

* Mew Name: Mew Mew Anko
* Mew Hair Color: Crimson
* Mew Eye Color: Orchid Purple
* Animal: Piping plover
* Color: Carmine
* Weapon: A small bronze and red colored scepter. AT the top of it is a round black-onyx jewel. The weapon slightly resembles a microphone and is named the "Anko Wand".
Secondary Weapon: n/a
* Attack: Anko Melody - Anko jumps into the air and yells "Anko Melody". She then makes a circular motion above her head with the Anko Wand. Musical notes appear as she moves the wand. She points the wand at the enemy and the musical notes turn into beams that shoot towards the enemy.

* Mew Mark:
* Mew Mark Location: Right hand

* Personality: Quiet | Mature | Judgmental | Self-conscious | Kind when you are close to her
Anko Akashi

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Re: Anko Akashi

Post by Fiya on Wed 6 Aug - 2:43

Hi, Anko, and welcome to the forum!

I have accepted your application

Your profile can be found [here]
Your home can be found [here]

Please bear with the website while I work on it as it is not complete yet.
Until then, feel free to leave suggestions for the mods or explore around
Thank you for your understanding

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